Saturday, April 05, 2014

AOSP Lockscreen.

Would like to have AOSP lockscreen on your Galaxy Note GT-N7000?

This is how it's look like. With this it would be more difficult for you to accidentally unlock the screen.
Have options to unlock phone, camera and Google Now.

Like it? Download here.

You need to have Xposed Framework installed. Download Xposed Installer here.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Update your NUVI 3560

Are you looking to update your GARMIN NUVI 3560?
This is what I have.

Software version updated to 3.40. Download it here.
How to install?
1. Connect you GARMIN Device to PC and execute the file.
2. Follow instruction

Added custom POI

 Run Extras inside Apps

List of Automated Enforcement System (AES). Malaysia only!

AES... yes! This will alert you when you are nearing AES camera. Download it here

How to install?
1. Create a folder in your external MicroSD called "Garmin\POI"
2. Copy "MSM-Existing 14 AES.gpi" into "Garmin\POI" and reboot

Would like to update your map?

1. Malsing and MalFREE MAP Update download it here .
2. MSM 2014 NT v6.55, download it here